An array of oral preparations ranging from mucolytics, bronchodilators and either initial or step-down antibiotics. These product have multiple preparations for flexible dose adjustments and ensures optimal patient compliance.

Constitute mostly of antibacterials directed to mild, moderate and severe to life threatening infections. The products include fropenicillins, cephalosporins, beta lactams and carbapenem antibiotics.
The products are part of an evolving respiratory portfolio indicated for various airway diseases.

Support System

Promotions Management

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  • Recruitment, training, development and supervision of the fieldforce.
  • Developing and implementation of marketing entry strategy.
  • Marketing planning system, a data-based, computer-assisted system which allows for systematic planning, monitoring and control.
  • Territorial management system, a data-based, computer-assisted system which ensures efficient management of territories, through rational allocation and deployment of scarce promotional resources ensuring systematic feedback and control.

Product Registration

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  • Through regular networking and liaison, facilitate the process and flow of product registration.
  • Provides technical assistance and professional advise to evaluate the feasibility in product registration.
  • Supervise the development and implementation of bioavailability studies.
  • Provides technical assistance in the development of protocols and conduct of CDSP studies and local clinical trials.
  • Regular updates on developments in the regulatory environment.

Product Management

  •  Assessment of market opportunities.
  • Determining a product’s market positioning and designing the appropriate entry strategy.
  • Planning and implementation of existing product plans and programs.
  • New products planning program and development.

Training and Development

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● Recruitment selection and hiring.

● Medical background and product knowledge.

● Programs for personal communication skills.

● Program for successful selling skills.

● Programs for coaching and counselling for supervisors.

● District Managers development programs.

● Regular product knowledge reinforcement training sessions.

Market Research

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● Five-year database on trends of major therapeutic segments.

● Market evaluation studies.

● Pricing surveys.

● Competitive monitoring

● New products launch monitoring

● Product movement monitoring.

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